What is spontaneity? Is it being available at all times to do whatever your heart desires. Or is it being able to let loose and say yes more often. Through my own experiences I have learnt that while keeping deadlines and being organised, you should also be able to shake it up a little and let your hair down and enjoy. Because if not today then when and if not now then when? Here’s why I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone a lil’ more and you should too.

First things first, it keeps me so healthy and pumped up!! I love just stepping out of the house without a goal and waiting to see where the day will take me. It helps keep you young, or so science says! And more than anything, the feeling of not having to reach a deadline once in a lifetime, seems pretty relaxing 🙂

I also love being able to enjoy this unexpected time with my friends and family. Things like outings seem so much more fun when they haven’t been planned or you don’t actually keep in mind how you are going to spend every hour and every minute.

And finally, use this time to enjoy not being judged! We feel so pressurised to be a certain way all the time. And this is the time where you can finally just be yourself. Laugh at stupid jokes, ramble on about the little inconveniences you face( without dulling the mood obviously) and eat without worrying about how much you’re going to put on 😉









2 Comments Add yours

  1. LucciaGray says:

    I agree. We need to shake our schedules up a little! Sometimes you have to make a snap decision, now or never…


    1. Absolutely, you got that right 🙂


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