We all love being able to pamper ourselves and looking our very best! But in the process, its easy to get carried away and overdo your outfits or looks. So in the post I’ve decided to call out some mistakes and errors we may make in the excitement of dressing well! 🙂

  1. More is better?- This is something we may all have done once in our lifetime. Dressing up to a point where you may be calling for too much attention or stealing the moment from someone else? I have been conditioned all my life to dress simple, because less is more. This may also be relevant to the people who apply makeup. However, this is just my opinion. People may love living the bling life and it’s great to see people doing so much for themselves.

2. Print on print– This an important thing to keep in mind! Clashing two print together may seem confusing and may often come across tacky. Make sure to put together similar prints together in order for it to look uniform. Or you may choose to pair your prints with monochrome.

3. White only on Labour Day?– Take out your whites everyone! White is such an elegant and sophisticated colour. We should be able to pull out our whites more often! The fear of getting it dirty or getting stains on them is always a worry, but we should live for the moment and stop thinking about tomorrow.

4. Shopping on Instagram- This is a classic case of appearance versus reality. Clothes may look so much better on the person than it really is. This means that the material and fit may not necessarily look the same on you. Branded websites however, may have better quality checks and more options of return.

5. Horizontal stripes aren’t only for the “skinny” ones- For all of the people who worry that horizontal stripes  make you look wider, you need to be able to find the perfect fit for yourself and carry it with confidence. Everything looks so much better when you are confident 🙂




These are the top five fashion mistakes that people can make and are made very often. This however is just my opinion and you are entitled to your own! Please do share your feedback and comments in the comment section below!


Until the next time, Happy Reading!





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  1. Sundays With Sissy
    I totally agree with all! Especially the one about print on print and that horizontal stripes are not only for skinny people. You really should be more popular!


    1. I’m so glad you think that, it means the world to me! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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