These are the no brainer trends that have rocked 2016 and 2017 so far. Read on to know where to find the best of all these trends at the best possible prices! 

  1. ATHLEISURE– This is by far my most favourite trend of all. Athletic wear is so easy to put together and makes great, laid back outfits. I love the athleisure at forever 21 and stalkbuylove. Both at great prices and accurate sizes 🙂

2. OFF THE SHOULDERS– Everyone can and should rock this trend while it lasts! These make such feminine pieces with an edgy vibe to it as well! Almost every store I have visited has had a great collection of these kinds of clothing. Do go check it out!

3. DARK LIPS– I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a trend that started in these two years but it has been one I’ve been loving anyways! Dark lips are great during Autumn and Winter and add that missing element to your outfits! Browns and purples are always my favourite picks! Sephora has had the best of these shades so far and for reasonable prices.

4. NUDE SHADES– Such a Kylie Jenner trend and we are so thankful for it! Nude shades can be classy and edgy depending on how you choose to style it! But the best part about this trend is that you can style it however you like! With both rose gold and silver accessories! As for nude makeup and lip do’s, they make everyday makeup look very subtle and soft.

5. GRAPHICS– Once again, not a recent trend, but such a cool one! I love pairing my graphic tee’s and sweater with jeans and once in a while my overalls too! I wish I had more to tell you about this trend other than the fact that Kooks and Forever 21 so far have the best graphic clothing I have seen.

6. EMBROIDERY– This is a trend being sown into jeans and sweaters since 2016. Embroidery is very casual and sophisticated at the same time! The roses and flowers put into jeans too, gives it a very edgy and well thought out vibe.


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