DEALING WITH\\ Teenage Years, Body Image Issues and Balance

The teenage years are the most mesmerising, yet most pressurising and tough years of your life. There is so much you go through, including finding yourself, your personality and your style. The society and family may get daunting and there isn’t a place you can find shelter or piece. So here I’ve put together small writings about the things that really matter throughout these years!


BODY IMAGE ISSUES AND SELF CONFIDENCE- These are the real make it or break it years. You may find yourself letting all the negativity and feedback sink in and break you to a point where there is no common back. But in my experience, expressing your emotions is so much better! This could be in the form of your writing, singing, dancing or whatever you may be passionate about. Trust me when I say, it really works!

BALANCE IS KEY- Being able to juggle all your academics and co curricular during these years may be tough, but organising and planning your week, one day at a time is so much simpler! Make yourself a diary or buy yourself a nice looking one that will motivate you to write in it more often! In the midst of all this work however, do give yourself some rest time otherwise you will find yourself going insane!! Meditate, dance and cook, but give yourself the time off you need, once in a while 🙂

DEADLINES, DEADLINES AND MORE DEADLINES- As worrying as this article may seem, it’s only a way to prepare you for what is really coming! Be organised and think out your days in a way such that you can give in your work before your deadlines. This way you have more scope for feedback as well.

KNOW YOUR LIMITS- Now call me a mom or whatever, but staying within your limits is almost impossible in today’s day and age. With such lose rules and improper measures, we can get away with almost anything. But more that legality, it’s the health that matters. It is crucial to be at your very best during these years. Dedicate your free time to exercise and get to know your body on a deeper level.



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