In this post I decided to address my first time doing different things! This was so fun for me to write and I hope my title wasn’t too misleading 😉 So here I’ve used the tags off of Zoella’s first time tag! I hope you enjoy reading it!

My First word– To be honest my parents didn’t quite remember, but they seemed to lock down on “Dada” being my first word. Which is Dad, incase any of you are wondering!

My first teddy bear- Wasn’t actually a teddybear. It was a doll with a hat and very long legs and I have so many pictures holding it!

My First School Crush- I don’t remember his name, but he used to live down my lane. I used to a girls school, so I don’t crushing over anyone there! 🙂

My First Celebrity Crush- It was on Thomas McDonell from Prom and I loved his long hair.

My First Gig- My friend’s gig at the TAAQADEMY fest!

My First Blog post- Was originally called “The Divinity of Feminity”, but I later changed it to “Little Women”

My First mobile phone- An iPhone 5s! When I had just turned 13 🙂

The first one to text you everyday- My mom, lol. 

The first sport you were involved in- Swimming, and it is still my most favourite sport.

My first tweet- A short message wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July!!

My First Piercing- Still my only ear piercing!




I hope you enjoyed reading this piece! Do tune in regularly to read my new blogposts and follow me here to get regular updates. Until the next time, happy reading!





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