ENTRY 01/ 02.08.17

Starting today, it’s exactly a week before my results come out and I couldn’t be more worried. I feel like in the moment everything is going to seem so horrible, despite everyone telling me that it doesn’t matter in the long run. I’ve been the lamest, kept this stupid countdown, ever since summer started and It’s surreal that these two months went by so quick.

I’m also going into IB and I just got to know my class section, and I have none of my friends in it so far, which is a real bummer. But that doesn’t mean anything, right? I’m so excited to meet all the new kids though! I feel like it’s time I come out of my shell and interact with people apart from my group.

Our school also just shifted the girls uniforms from shorts to track pants, which I honestly love the idea of. Because that means less effort to moisturise + shave! I hear girls complaining about how bad we’re gonna look, but I am pumped. I also don’t feel awkward and feel like I’m being judged about my body for some weird reason. So things have been working out pretty great for me, lol.

I’ve been checking my horoscope consistently, and haven’t had any bad luck so far, so that too is a lifesaver (O). Incase any of you didn’t know, I spent my summer teaching Korean exchange students! As boring as it may sound to some of you who probably just finished your trip at the Carribean, I loved everyday. They are such good energy, and such positive kids to be around. They are only in first and second grade, and so they had such few complications.


Sometimes you just want that light energy around you, you know what I mean?



That’s all my ranting for today, tune in to see what I have to say about the rest of the week soon! Bye :))


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