AND ANOTHER MONTH HAS JUST FLOWN BY RIGHT IN FRONT OF US 🙂 And oh, how fun has it been? Let me know how you’re July has been, wherever you wish to contact me!

So what is it that I’ve been loving over this month and I’ve regretted buying, very honestly speaking? Let’s find out —–>

  1. My Swarovski Crystal Pen- Although this favourite might not be very interesting or useful to anyone, I love it for it was an absolutely precious gift to me from my dad. It is packed in with mesmerising crystals and works just as great. Writing in a book is a x1000 times better now!
  2. Benefit, they’re real- double the lip, lipsticks– These have been my best friends throughout the summer of 2017. The shades: “pink thrills’ and “flame game” make great brightly coloured lip shades for that pop during the hot weather. They are extremely moisturising and I did not find it drying or wearing my lips out at any point. The promised lip liner does really work and these lip shades were truly treats for my lips!
  3. Nyassa’s Apricot Extract Foaming Face Scrub- A super moisturising and nourishing, facial wash, that leaves your skin super hydrated and glowing! This is definitely a MUST buy!
  4. Nyassa’s Shea Butter- Like the face wash it is very moisturising and sits well on the skin, without making you feel greasy! It is white and highly pigmented and so can pass of as a Primer at times!
  5. Dior Style Intense Liquid Eyeliner- Im usually not a fan of liquid liner, but this is definitely a game changer! It glides over my eyelids very easily and is highly waterproof!


I don’t have too many of them, but the ones that make it onto my list are:-

  1. Revlon Super Lustrous- Coffee Bean is the shade I spoke about on one of my post on Instagram. It seemed really pigmented, but wasn’t as much as I would like it! The shade seemed to match the colour of my sweater, but didn’t when it was applied! It was however, very moisturising and easy to apply, for the ones who care about the convenience more than anything.
  2. My second regret is also infact a Lip Product. This one from Colourbar too was mentioned in one of my posts, but not recommended. The Deep Matte Lip Creme wasn’t as Matte as it promised to be on it’s cover. With that being said, it satisfies the “creme” part of it’s title by being very easy to apply and moisturising. It is highly pigmented too!




So those were all the things I loved, and wasn’t too happy about, this month! With that being said, you should definitely try them out and find your style before taking my word! I hope you enjoyed reading this. Until next time, Happy Reading 🙂


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