As the world continues to grow and the population continues to increase, houses start getting smaller and space for storage, even smaller. That’s why I indulge in smart storing, a way in which I can fit in a lot more than I originally could. This includes reusing your old items, that may be lying around unused in your house. So without any further ado, let’s get started! 


My way of storage may not necessarily be the most flattering way to store your things, but it is definitely the most convenient. I’ve also put a twist on the things I have and DIY’ed my boxes and shelves to makes them look more put together and united and I can’t wait to share them with you!

My makeup and skincare stuff-





I used these old boxes and a heart shaped box to fit in my makeup and skincare routine products. And then added in my potpourri to give it a more colourful, creative appeal!

My Candle Holder- I used my ex candle in a jar to store my stationary! All I had to do was melt the candle wax and pour it out, leaving only a little bit to scrape out. And voila, it made a great storage idea!






That’s all for how I store my makeup, skin products and stationary. Do wait for my part two in which I will talk you through hacks to store your clothing and jewellery 🙂

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