If any of you out there reading this know me, then you will know how much I adore my candles and love keeping them lit at all times. In this piece, I will describe to you, using the best of my abilities xD, my most favourite smells through each season. Here they are: 

Spring- To me spring is all about freshness and a new chance to life. January is the month that fills me up with hope and inspiration to make the year ahead a great one. So for this season my top pick is Lemongrass. I have discussed this in other blogs as well, and this scent makes a great day to night fragrance to be lingering around your room. My top lemongrass candles are from HomeCentre and Ekam and along with smelling great are a sight for sore eyes. These candles are very inexpensive and are a great all time buy!

Another one of my favourite scents for the summer is Rose. This candle too comes in a lovely shade of pink and it’s wicks vary and cost uniquely to another. This scent is one of my favourites, because it is so fresh and does not seem chemicals overloaded at all. The scent fills my room with a light and frisky atmosphere and immediately gives me a spring in my step. My favourite Rose scented candles are from Iris and Resonance. Here I will link my favourites from amazon:

Summer- I have one pick which makes a great scent on a warm summer day. Summer to me symbolises love and comfort and this scent sets in an ambience which makes it hard for you to come out of. My pick is the classic Vanilla by Ekam. I’m sure you can already tell how much I love my candles from Ekam! It is warm and comforting and makes a great evening candle. I think the freshness of lemongrass too makes it a good summer pick as well.


Autumn- Although I am very, very appreciative of autumn, for me autumn is the time when I start preparing for christmas and winter. So the fragrances I discuss under autumn can very well be carried into winter for christmas as well! 🙂

My first pick is the Apple and Cinnamon tinned candle from Iris. The combination of these two fragrances is baffling but pleases your senses in the best way possible. They come in a cute, travel sized pack that I actually, believe it or not, carry around with me. This fragrance moves into my favourite christmas scent as well.

And finally for Winter, apart from the festive apple and cinnamon fragrance, I love the Woody spice scent from HomeCentre. It is definitely as festive as it smells and fills my room with a strong smell in minutes. It is similar to sandalwood but different in an inexplicable way. I guess it’s just the christmas that merges in with this smell to make it seem so out of the ordinary. It also comes in a bright red and is truly, a sight for sore eyes.


These were my top picks for the scents that I love throughout the year. Let me know your favourites too! I would love to know 🙂

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