Some of my most viewed and loved articles are the top ten series. And so here I have the top five pieces that I think are the most important to have in your closet. So let’s get started 🙂 

  1. Denim Jacket– This clothing piece is revolutionary. And as exaggerated as that sounds, it is true. It manages to pull a whole outfit together in seconds. And if I could stress on the importance of having one in your wardrobe, I would probably be shouting loudly through your screens! They can be short or long, as you please, and can be paired with different shades and colours of denim too! In my opinion, it is a very versatile piece, that can be played up or down as per the occasion!

2. A plain white tee– Although this may seem like an essential in all articles similar to mine, a plain white tee is also, as versatile as a clothing piece can get. It can be made fancy, adding a statement necklace or other jewellery and can be played down with a bomber jacket and sneakers. The choice is yours! These are also really cheap and easy to get your hands on 🙂 I usually prefer to get v-neck, white tee’s, but there are so many options these days. I see people rocking distressed and crew neck white tee’s these days! Pairing these with really quirky pants too, will make a great outfit!!

3. Black Strappy Heels- I never knew the importance of heels in my life until I started wearing them. They are such a great addition to your outfits and instantly take them to a whole new level. As for my favourite pair, they are a velvet pair of black, ankle strap heels from Forever 21. Easy to walk in and very, very comfortable, these shoes can also often make quite the statement! Incase heels aren’t your thing, you can always opt for black, fuller boots or daily sandals! Black shoes can always be changed around 🙂

4. A Full Chunky Sweater- This piece is soo great for places with unpredictable weather. Even on mornings with the sun out and a slight breeze, sweaters make, quite the comforters you may need. Sweaters are pieces I love trying out different colours of and I think they too, are easy to pull off. With the newer trends, I also love the cold shouldered cut outs on my sweaters too!

5. A party dress– a spin on the cliche, LBD, is a party dress. The only time when you can embrace the glitter and sparkles. Everyone should have their own unique party style and be able to enjoy dressing into them. I love my rose gold and so find myself reaching for my rose gold dress from Forever 21 at most times. A little bit of sparkle and bling never hurt anyone 😉

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