I’ve always loved the idea of sitting through a book club and knowing how and why people enjoy the books they read. I feel like it gives me a sense of a much broader perspective and helps me see the world in a much more three dimensional view. So this time, I’ve gotten the opportunity to take my picks to a book club. Here are my choices, and I can proudly say that each is different from the other.

  1.  To Kill A Mockingbird/ by Harper Lee

This book is so well written and is super heart touching. It revolves around a black man being framed for the rape of a young, white girl. It really highlights the plight and level of racism still prevalent in America. This timeless classic, makes reading seem as necessary as breathing. I really felt each line and it spoke to me on a much deeper level. The young kids will remain with me in my heart forever! Find this book at and devour and cherish it the way I did!

2. Just One Day/ Gayle Foreman 

This is such a lovely, romantic book that stresses on the old school romance that everyone deserves to dig into every one in a while. Revolving around a young couple who bumped into each other under funny circumstances, it makes a great read that makes your heart throb. This is definitely my favourite pick from my book club list and I’m sure you would love reading it too! It is such a good read and really makes a great pick for all age groups. To me this book acted as a ray of hope, making me believe that there really is true love left in this world. If you want to read this book find yourself your own copy at-

This book moves into Just one year and together they make a very romantic set of books. Definitely my most favourite read and I have read it more than three times. Do buy yourself both books, because you will want to move right into the next one, once the first one is over 🙂

3. Many Lives, Many Masters/ Dr Brian Weiss 

Like promised each of these three books are so different from each other! This book deals with inexplicable case of a young woman who comes back to life experiencing the moments and memories of different people each time. It talks about Dr Brian Weiss’ true confrontation to this young, lady. This book gives you the jitters at so many parts throughout. I loved reading this and it will make you really think about these supernatural events that can possibly happen. I loved the way his experiences were recorded in the book and you should go in and find yours at amazon too! Follow this link to get hold of one of these yourself, because this is a book that demands multiple reads! 🙂




Thank you guys for reading through these and I really hope you get yourselves a copy of these books and tweet or share with me the pictures. I would love to know what you thought about these books and am open to discussing your opinions and feelings.

Until next time, Happy Reading! 🙂

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