Ripped Jeans have been the “it” trend for way too long. So much so that my dad too wants to give in to the trend and buy a pair for himself! But as time progresses and we yearn for change, do we still think ripped jeans have made the cut, yet again?

The world is constantly undergoing change and it is for us to accept and embrace the change. As for the bloggers and trendsetters, it is up to us to bring forward this change and allow the rest of the world to try them out in order to know what they feel best in. And so it is almost a responsibility that we try out new styles that may bring out the inner uniqueness of each and everyone. Like the cliche quote, try and try until you feel your very best in what you have been put in ๐Ÿ™‚

You know that feeling, when something is so common it almost becomes unattractive? That’s the way I feel about these cuts and slits these days. I will agree that for a while these jeans have been my holy grail, but like everything else, trends fade too! And occasionally pulling out the revolutionary pair of ripped jeans will make it so much more interesting!

My ripped jeans have been my best friends for so long and they have helped translate into so many other kinds trends that we do love so much! Ripped jeans, for example have had such a impact on the influenceable group of people. And what were initially slit through jeans have now turned into t-shirts with holes and cuts too.

Unique is praiseworthy and unique is eye catching. And as much as we would like to believe that ripped jeans are super unique, they are old and fading! So instead of spending thousands on our jeans we should be able to be open up enough to be willing to try out new trends. Trends including patch work and embroidered jeans have been in the shadows for too long and it is up to us to increase and raise awareness about them!

So in honour of the new kinds of jeans that have come out but haven’t received enough recognition, we should be willing to give them each a try. And while some of us love sticking to the comfort of our ripped jeans, different is good right?

The truer meaning of all of this is that balance is key, and being able to balance out these trends can make these outfits look well planned out and thoughtful. It is also practical to keep in mind that distressed trends can wear out if not used in the perfect balance. All in all, you should feel most confident in what you wear and should be able to carry out what you wear to the best of your abilities.



This is just my opinion and I in no way compel anyone to feel the same way I do about ripped jeans ๐Ÿ™‚





My favourite places to buy my jeans include New Look, Kooks.com and Jabong. Comment down below what your favourite trends have been so far and which trend you’d love to try!!

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