Here I have complied some slow music I enjoy listening to when winding down at the end of the day. They are by a variety of artists and I hope some of you share a very similar music taste to me. So here they are- 

  1. Breathe by Fleurie
  2. Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion
  3. So close by Jon McLaughlin
  4. Now and forever by Richard Marx
  5. Runnin’ home to you by Grant Gustin
  6. Drowning by Backstreet Boys
  7. King by Lauren Aquilina
  8. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
  9. Careless Whisper by George Michael
  10. Deadwater by Wet
  11. Thoughts by Michael Schulte
  12. All I Want by Kodaline
  13. Two Ghosts by Harry Styles
  14. Your song by Elton John
  15. Nikita by Elton John
  16. Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran
  17. Baby by Helena Deland
  18. Sinners by Lauren Aquilina
  19. Young Wild Girls by Bruno Mars
  20. I want to know what love is by Foreigner



Do let me know which of the songs you have enjoyed the most and feel free to recommend to me some good music too! Happy Reading!

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