Although I consider my self a smoother flyer, it is fair to say that there are days where I don’t feel as comfortable travelling as other days. So here I have cumulated 11 tips for nervous fliers and how to make you feel at ease. 

  1. Dress comfortable, yet stylish– Being in clothes that you feel most comfortable and free in should be worn to the airport. However, with that being said, we should ensure that our minimalistic outfit does not clash with trashy or unplanned out. We should always ensure a balance between comfort and style. Not only will you not feel tied up, but you with feel confident and radiate it 🙂
  2. Choose a Bagpack over a Handbag– This goes without saying. We need our hands free while travelling and so instead of carrying something in your hands you can swap the responsibility onto the shoulders. Bag packs make stylish pieces for travel as well!
  3. Choose darker colours– Now there is no other reason for this other than because you may spill your food or drink whilst on the flight. And you won’t have lemon with you handy on the plane, will you?
  4. Carry your own tissue paper– Not because the airplane isn’t maintained or because I’m guaranteeing you that you are clumsy. Incase you find yourself in a middle seat with strangers beside you, It may agitate them if you wish to use the bathroom for little things every once in a while.
  5. Xerox your important details– Incase you are clumsy and prone to dropping things, it is always advised to have an extra copy of all your documents. Allocating a certain pocket in your bags too, will help make the job easier. You will find yourself fretting, less often!
  6. Carry extra camera batteries and vlogging batteries if you wish to capture your entire stay– The reason why this makes a valid point into my top eleven tips is because travelling is overwhelming. And the very minute you reach there you will want to capture so much more than you planned to! So it’s safe to say that precaution is better than cure!
  7. Don’t drink anything right before you get onto the plane– These are for all the people who feel nauseous and queasy once they get onto their flight. Make sure not to consume anything half an hour before you get on. This will drastically reduce the chances of you puking or getting a headache.
  8. Colour code your luggage– I’ve always seen my grandparents do it and wondered whether it really was helpful. But putting on a unique key chain or tying a unique coloured ribbon or thread to it will make your luggage stand out at the luggage belt. This tip works wonders for me!
  9. Don’t over pack, plan out your day to night outfits– This makes everything simpler and results in am much lighter bag. Heavy bags can be the cause of flight fear and being organised is the only way out! Try it and you’ll never look back 🙂
  10. Convert your currency before you leave for your trip– If the place you are travelling to is not known to you, it is best to pack and plan keeping in mind that you are a complete tourist. Convert all of the money you plan to spend and stick to your family budget!
  11. Always carry sunglasses in your hand baggage– Although you know the place you’re visiting is cold, carry sunglasses just in case the morning decides to be sunny and cheerful! This will help you keep in touch with the uncertainty of the weather!

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