Little Ways To Change Your Life

We’re always looking forward to live the best version of our lives, aren’t we? We always want to incorporate ways of life that ensure that we are always at our best. So here I have compiled a list of little ways you can change your life. So let’s get started 🙂


  1. Drink more water– This is a necessity to keep your body hydrated and keep your skin nourished and moisturised. Keeping bottles around your room, will make sure you are always able to see them and reach out for them without travelling too far. If you wish to take a step forward, use cute, colourful bottles that inspire you to keep drinking water.

2. Practise Meditating- This does not necessarily mean that you must devote a large part of your day to doing yoga. Being able to block out all your distractions for a few minutes can happen in any place comfortable, your bed included! It gives you a few minutes to really give yourself a break from the monotony of life. Not only that, it also makes you realise what your priorities are and should be.

3. Waking Up Early- Although I have mentioned before, that I am not a morning person, I have started training myself to wake up at around 7.30 each morning. This just gives me more time to carry out my regular activities and chores of the day. Leaving me more energised but relaxed at the same time. It makes it easier for me so that I can space my work out better.

4. Exercising- I would love to say that this is something that needs to be incorporated into everyone’s daily lives, but in reality I find myself doing it only four or five days of the week. It gets my blood pumping and makes me feel that sudden surge of energy I’ve only heard people talking about. Just a light jog is enough to make you feel great throughout the day.

5. Declutter- Although this is not a daily event, one must indulge in giving away things you no longer wear or use. Not only does it give you a sense of clearance in the mind, but it does also give you a sense of goodness. These things that you no longer use can be given away to shelters and charities, where your things will be made use out of.

6. Keep your phone on “Do Not Disturb” for at least one hour a day- This is a habit that I’ve managed to incorporate ever since this summer. Not being distracted by the constant buzzing and “pings” really gives you the space you need to focus on yourself and developing yourself. Take this time to read a book and prepare yourself a lavish bath with a bath bomb and candles.

7. Write down what you wish to type out on your phone- We are all so addicted to our phones, we feel the need to record everything on it. But keeping a small diary or notebook is not only a cute addition to your bag, but also gives you an inexplicable kind of satisfaction. MyPAPERCLIP, is what I roll with and their notebooks come in the best sizes and so many different colours!

8. Capture and look back- to everyone who thinks living the moment is the best, photographing it and enjoying them on your not so good days is a great way to cheer yourself up. It is a reminder that there is always something to look forward to.




An extra shot of the photoshoot-


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