So, now that I’m finally back on social media, I’m hit by the judgemental reality of this world and the merciless comments that people throw around. People ruthlessly throwing words like ugly, weird and the most hurtful of them all, FAT.

I’m surely no size 4 or 6 but I know that, it doesn’t make me any less beautiful or entitled to any hate from anywhere. People should nurture their softer sides to be more thoughtful and sympathetic of what the person receiving all the negativity may be feeling. No one is bigger than they want to and no one deserving of our thoughtless opinions.

I am not a saint, but I feel. I am not a teacher, but I know. That all the confidence we feel when we put in we work hard to see change, can come crumbling down in seconds. By what? Our words, our feelings that we express, needless to think, without thinking it through.

I once knew this girl, who was bullied into coming back to India because she was given so attention in the most ridiculing way possible. She may have been healthier than usual but that didn’t give them the right to photoshop her on unthinkable images. What’s sadder is this happens so much more than we know. And it happens to people who smile away, to hide the pain.

And, now, I feel more, I sympathise, I apologise, I appreciate, I think, I thank and I love. And I want us to be able to do this together. Together we can make other’s days better. We can throw “kindness around like confetti” as Zella says. We can shower people with compliments and love, instead of hate. We can tell people they are great just to see them smile a little wider. It’s the small things that matter, I’ve come to realise. And I hope that you do to, the sooner, the better.

I once read a quote that read, “Be a little kinder than you need to.” And I swear with all my being, that I will strive to do this starting from today and I wish that you all can join me to do so too! Let’s work together to create a kinder society and a more understanding community. So instead of judging each other, we can pick them up and show them the way.

I may not have been a victim to such threatening words and opinions, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t ever pressurised myself. The pressure that people put on others, gives us a sense of uneasiness, in a way that we strive to be what others think our perfect. And all of us, live under an impression that says we are not pretty enough or skinny enough.

But today, I want to start a movement. Something that will change us for the better, a learning that we can keep with us forever and teach others as we move along. No one is fat and no one is ugly. No one should be defined by the way they look. Instead they should be defined by their actions, and as cliche as it sounds, it is true.

So if you’re reading this and are proud to be the way you are. Do feel free to post and say what you feel and show off your curves, whether you may have a few or more! Because at the end of the day, what you think of yourself is what matters.



This article may seem repetitive and may seem to highlight ideas that are very prevalent in my older pieces. But it only goes to show, how unable I am to stress enough of the importance of self love. Self love is only possible when you see, feel and breathe love.



Happy Reading! 🙂

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