This isn’t very hard for me to talk about, considering I am so thankful for the life I have and the way I have it. Before I start talking about this, I hope that everyone out there knows that people suffer from so many unthinkable things. And knowing about these makes us seem so grateful and our problems seem so little. But it had always been a source of my insecurities. Now that I’ve learnt to embrace the past, I’m ready for everyone to know about it, and I’m sure those who feel or felt the same way will connect with me on a more deeper level. I hope you know, that if you are going through something, your better days are coming and everyone you love will be there to enjoy it with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Ever since I was born, I had a skin disorder called Eczema. Some of you reading this might probably sigh in relief, because maybe my introduction came out too terrifying. Sorry (whoops).

As common as it seems, to the person who has it, they may feel different, uncomfortable and desolated.

I remember looking and the inner folds of my arms and wishing that they were like anyone else’s. I used to keep my hands folded, or cover it up with a jacket or a full sleeve all the time. Anytime I felt like I was finally free of all the stares and let out a sigh of relief, I felt another thousand pairs of eyes looking right at me. I used to wonder if they’d ever be normal again.

Now you all are probably yelling at me through your screens and thinking about how there are people suffering from way worse. But here’s the thing. Anyone with a little difference, can seem to isolate themselves, may the problem be big or small.

I remember my mom and dad having to cover up for me, explaining other adults what I had between the folds of my hands and behind my knees. I was ashamed. As a young girl in the UK, I was never asked about it because it was quite common.

Then with the move to India, it was like I continually grabbed the attention of more people in the most sympathetic way possible. Even in the heat, I would keep a jacket on and my hands folded, making me even sweatier and making my arms and legs itch even more. People never saw me as anything different, but I’m sure they always wondered what all the marks were all about.

So what exactly is the point of telling you about my little differences?

Now that my skin is the way I’ve always wanted it to be. I see the bigger picture. I see that everyone was right beside me like they promised to be. And while you may be different and see your differences in a negative way, the ones who love you, will love you with or without it.

My parents loved me the same, they still wanted me in every photo and they still hung up and applauded all of my achievements. They still wanted to take me to every party and speak words of praise about me. Because that’s what family is and that’s what family does. And despite all the fights and arguments, deep inside I know that they were with me through thick and thin. Now that I’m free of my rashes and look like anyone else, they still love me the same. Not more, not less, ever since I was born with it.

And because they were willing to explain my skin condition to people no matter how many times they ask, I will stand by them all my life and love them more than I can love anyone. I will thank my family as many times and more for all the love they have given me, even whilst not being the most pretty child ever. I will thank them for teaching me what kind of person I need to be. The bigger one.

The secret to a great family is that no matter how you look, or what you were born with, your family, brothers and sisters included will always make you feel like you are the most beautiful thing alive. And I wouldn’t have been able to get rid of this difference of mine, without such a supportive family. They teach me to keep my scars with the pride and my memories as prizes.

So to whoever is reading this, and whatever you’re going through, never isolate yourself from your family. Instead, embrace their hugs and kisses and talk to them so that they can talk for you.

Your good days are coming, I promise.

Anusha xx



Feel free to reblog this to someone you think might need it! Wear your scars with pride! Happy Reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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