Disclaimer (!)

Everything and every product I have discussed and described on my page have genuinely worked wonders for me. There is no kind of promotion of any of the products. They may not necessarily behave the same way on your skin, if our skin types are different. Personally, I have very sensitive skin and all products will work safely with most skin types, but like said, better safe than sorry.

I try my best not to hurt or offend anyone over here, and if at all you feel that hurt by the content posted, we can discuss it and it will definitely be worked out. I love working on this page and stirring up content for you and so it is needless to say that you must enjoy it without it hurting your sentiments.

Most pictures are taken by me, however some are directly off of the internet. As I continue to grow my blog, I am working on incorporating my photography and writing to create something beautiful that you and me can enjoy together.

Please contact me if you wish to use any of my pictures. You can always find me at anushabhowmik16@gmail.com to discuss queries, questions and your feelings. All opinions and feedback is always appreciated πŸ™‚



Happy Reading!! πŸ™‚

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