With great aesthetics and even better food, these restaurants will without doubt always make it to my top five restaurants in Bangalore-

1. Toscano

Although one of the more pricier restaurants, Toscano is best known for reaching a standard that seems almost unreal. It’s food is of best quality and will never let your expectations down. Their food seems to get better every single time I go there. Apart from their mouth-wateringly delicious pizzas, their spinach ravioli is a real treat to your taste buds. I highly recommend this place for a cosy family lunch or dinner. It’s lighting also happens to be an added advantage as it sets in a warm atmosphere. These are few of the photos from my recent visit to Toscano 🙂





2. Shizusan

This restaurant is my ABSOLUTE favourite. For all the ones out there who love sushi and all other asian food, this place is for you. The prices of most food there, is very justifiable and much lower than other places. Along with great food and thirst quenching drinks, it’s aesthetics are great. Recently, it has opened up at Phoenix Market City and sees large crowds of young people. The variety of their dishes makes them very appealing and it is definitely worth a shot. You will not be let down by this Restaurant!

3. 153 Biere Street

This restaurant has been set up keeping all kinds of audiences in mind. It’s universal approach makes it a well visited restaurant. It has small colourful shops that sell various things and manage to transport you to a whole new place. Although slightly pricier, they have a wide range of foods on their menu, including steak for all those meat lovers. It’s dim lighting is a great mood setter and the open restaurant sets a great ambience. It is a very hospitable place, but one must ensure to make reservations over the weekend.

4. Boondock Bistro

Although this place is not very well known, it’s food and aesthetics are perfect to the tee. It takes on a very British appeal and is known best for their pork and fish and chips. It has been made in a small building tucked away in Whitefield, but this makes it easier to find place at all times. It does not accommodate large groups of people but it is perfect for a Sunday brunch with family. Their smoothies and fresh juices are to die for. Unlike other high street restaurants, this place has very accommodating prices which makes it even more appealing. I would definitely recommend this place for people who enjoy their continental food whole heartedly!

5. Big Brewsky

This place is thriving with the much younger population of Bangalore. The open air restaurant serves a variety of different dishes all to cater to different taste buds. Occasionally I find myself picking up as many possible sushis from their live counter and buffet. There is a large variety of live counters and thus, your food will be to your specific taste! The prices are much more justifiable when compared to other places. Big Brewsky is best known for hosting parties and kick-offs for large groups of people. Every living in and around Bangalore needs to try their heart warming brownies at least once in their lifetime!

Do send in pictures incase you chose to visit any of these restaurants!!

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