This is one dish I could not get over, ever since the first time I tried it. It is a mix of some great flavours and colours, most definitely. In this recipe, I put a twist on it and incorporated Kidney beans, making it healthier, but just as scrumptious. I hope some of you reading this will try it out 🙂 


1 cup of Kidney Beans

1 1/4 cups of rice

1 cup of steamed corn

1/2 a green bell pepper

3 tomatoes

5 cloves of garlic

4 to 5 sticks of cilantro for garnishing

2 lemons

1 large, green chilly


Processed cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste



  1. Start of by bringing all your ingredients in together. Make sure your corn is well boiled, Kidney beans are steamed and Rice is laid out in a serving dish.



2. Move onto slicing the tomatoes and the bell pepper into small cubes and slice the chillies, placing them in a horizontal manner. Add this all into a bowl. Add in salt, pepper and lemon into to bring out the flavours. I also added in some olives and vinaigrette dressing.


3. Proceed into, placing your rice at the bottom, followed by the corn and then the nachos. Classic nachos for this recipe is most recommended.


4. Move onto mashing the kidney beans and mixing salt and pepper in to taste. You may add in some water incase, the past is too thick. This along with the salsa like mix will top the nachos.

5. Finally, assemble the rest of the ingredients remaining and grate the cheese onto the top. You may place this into the oven incase you want a different consistency of your cheese.



This recipe, serves for four people! Happy eating 🙂



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