As autumn approaches us, I decided to write a small piece dedicated to my most favourite season of the year! Enjoy 🙂 


What do you expect to see every Autumn? Crisp leaves of different colours falling to the ground? Bare trees swishing around as they embrace the strong winds blowing towards them? A picturesque morning and chillier evenings? I hope for all of that too, and secretly wish that our seasons here in India were as visibly different as they are else where. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying what I have right here, right now. I look at new buds awaiting to erupt into their whispering loveliness, I see plants at their very peak, bearing a green attire in pride. I enjoy the warm breeze as it moves against me, moving through every strand of my hair. I hold a cup of warm coffee as I walk along, dreaming of my perfect autumn. Not the crispy leaves and not the bare tress, but the full bourn family of trees in green as they sway along with the wind and sing with happiness. 

Here are a few shots of my Autumn, 2017- 





My kind of Autumn is waking up to birds singing and watching the sun standing above me in a way of protection. It is, taking time to notice the smaller joys of life. The way the bees move around in utmost sincerity, filling themselves with the hope to find the nectar they were looking for. My kind of autumn is looking around at colourful butterflies, seen never before along with my family, trying to figure out what breed it is. It is sitting around the dining table, with a small candle, that surprisingly manages to bring together my loud family together, emotionally rather than physically. 

My autumn is being able to appreciate the finer things of life, being able to build relationships that will last no matter what the weather and the season. I hope that all my autumns to come are filled with the intense pangs of joy like the ones I have already started feeling as Autumn approaches us with a grin on it’s face. 

What is your perfect kind of Autumn? 





This was just a small spontaneous piece I wanted to write as I just came back from a long walk in my garden. It taught me that there are more significant things that may be small in size but big in impact. I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I loved writing it! 🙂



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