During the holidays, I aim to be as efficient as possible and try to fit in as many things in my morning. I dislike feeling like I have wasted a whole day doing nothing and so I make sure to make a to do list for the day. Do let me know what you do on your summer mornings or where you went to spend your summer. I would love to know!! 🙂 


I am probably the least of a morning person in my family. But I still feel like having an early morning gives me a better start to my day. I put on a set of three consecutive alarms, ten minutes apart, that ensure I wake up at 7.30 each morning. I wake up to the Beauty and the Beast Theme song, which now that I think of, I shouldn’t be telling everyone. 


The first thing I do when I wake up is head into the bathroom to start of with my skincare routine. Don’t forget to brush either! My skin care routine is relatively short, I’m only sixteen jeez. I first wash my face with cold, coldd water and then take a coin sized amount of my Dior Purifying Cleanser on my palm. I warm it between my hands and apply it in circular motions on my face. This helps open up my pores and keep my face nourished. Moving onto Moisturizing, I use the Cetaphil Moisturizer for sensitive skin, just because it blends into my skin easy and is not greasy (see what I did there?). If I plan to step out in the morning I will apply my Lotus Herbals Sunscreen generously to prevent sun burns. 


If I plan to go out for lunch or with friends, I usually go for Eyeliner and Mascara as my go to make up products. In the photo below I have Avon’s Super Extreme Eyeliner and the Eyeconic Mascara that I have raved about in my June favourites. 


If you wish to know more about the skincare products mentioned above feel free to check out my June Favorites where I have described them better! 


After stepping out of the bathroom, I make up my bed, just so that my room looks more sorted than it really is. I then head down for breakfast. 

At my household breakfast can be poles apart at times. Sometimes we all indulge in a heavy English breakfast that reminds me of my childhood days or we could enjoy something minimal like Bananas, Cereal and Milk along with chopped up dry fruits. Both ways, as a family we savor our breakfast. We also enjoy a glass of milk or lassi (thinned down curd, either sweetened or salted). After helping clear up, I head up back into my room.

Over the summer, I have found cleaning up to be one of my most favorite relaxants. So I play some music on a Bluetooth speaker and get cleaning. This usually goes on for forty five minutes to an hour. I make sure to keep my wardrobe spic and span, because I love being in lots of lovely clothes 🙂 

After enjoying my music, I usually spend the rest of my morning training for my SAT exams and studying, preparing for the wrath of IB. If I choose to prepare for my exams in the evenings instead, I spend the rest of my morning working on my blogs and editing my pictures for my upcoming posts! 

I also try to make breakfast for my family as many times as possible. I love cooking and love putting together new and creative dishes. If you wish to see such recipes, or the things I claim to be able to make, do comment down below and like this post!! 

Until the next time, Happy Reading!



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