Little Women


Let me start off by asking you what a perfect body is.
Some may say a curvaceous body is attractive while some may say that having a lean
structure is what they’ve always dreamt off. But in reality the perfect body is the one that
you feel the most comfortable in. The one that you feel the most beautiful in.

We tend to criticise ourselves and our appearance even despite having the knowledge that we can
not change it and must eventually come to terms with it. Women are the epitome of the phrase
“one’s own worst critic” and we women are living proof that hatred for ourselves can be just as powerful
as physical abuse or harassment.

I can say for myself, that there are days when I’m too conscious to go to the swimming pool in fear that the
women older than me will pin point at my stretch marks and will laugh at my inability to keep track of the way
my body is headed. Yet while i head out to the drug store for a “scar removal cream” to cover up my flaws, I
am looked at as if I’ve just asked for a contraceptive. The lady at the store gives me a look of judgement and
goes in and discusses her “young customer” with her other friends while searching for my remedy.

The harsh reality of life is that we women are judged by our own kind. We act as if we are each others worst enemies
and that these words we throw around are our weapons. Theses desperate measures to climb up some apparent ladder
that takes us no where? These cruel judgements just to compensate for our abundance of insecurities? It saddens me to see that the girls and women around me degrade people in front of them just to satisfy themselves. Are these really our guilty pleasures?

Growing up, i remember my grandfather telling me that my generation of girls will really be the “women of substance”, the women who will “make a difference” and “change perspective”. I remember looking up at him in awe, eyes glistening and hopeful and wishing for the very best. However, as time progressed and maturity kicked in we were all slapped with the brutal truth of our society. It shapes us and not the other way round.

If more young girls stood up for Malala Yousafzai, a young hero and warrior today the least, Afghanistan would
be the start for the rule of women. Instead they had been raised by their families to wash dishes and abide by their
families norms. If they stood together beside each other, they could’ve undertaken any thing the world would possibly throw at them.

So instead of whispering amongst ourselves, and expressing our unwanted opinions about certain matters, why don’t we encourage women. Encourage them to radiate their beauty which may sometimes be overshadowed by the unrealistic beauty standards set by the society. Why don’t we compliment women when they least expect it, giving them a reason to smile when they least expected it. Why don’t we stand by each other when one of us is in need? All it takes is compassion and love.

I hope to undertake the rest of my journey in this word beside strong and confident young women who do not and will not be suppressed by the unattainable standards of beauty and being. I hope to be able to see women lending a helping hand when one may be in need and more importantly i hope to see women being more sure of where they stand in the gender hierarchy. Always besides the Men. I hope to see a world ruled by women of SUBSTANCE.


What do you hope for?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Meshita says:

    This is so true. I wish we women would not pit ourselves against each other. Instead, we should be fighting for our rights, standing together and breaking stereotypes. Being a feminist, I believe that we should come out strong to put ourselves right next to where men stand, known as equality. Thanks for bringing light on this topic. Instead of insulting and judging a woman, you can give her a compliment, and it will make her day.
    Also, Malala Yousafzai is my hero.


  2. shanthi raju says: u little girl…


    1. Thank you so much for the support Aunty, it means a lot :)))


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